It’s been an eventful past couple months, I spent part of July and August in Sri Lanka. The purpose of the trip was to come alongside ministries that are already there, connect and figure out ways to work together whether by assisting sending people there or other ways. The second purpose was connecting with locals and finding a way for skateboards and surfboards to be made directly in Sri Lanka so they can be self reliant in this way.

We were able to connect with a surf ministry that’s been there for quite a while. It was encouraging hearing and seeing what they are doing and the way that God is moving with them. They have done an amazing job working with the locals and being the light of Jesus to the surf culture, woman surf community and with the village kids.

Surfing is huge and growing by the day in Sri Lanka but yet there are no surfboards being made in the country. This problem is due to high tax and tariffs that supplies is hard to get. We went with the intention to change that and look into possibilities to make surfboards and skateboards on the island so that locals can have a chance to enjoy surfing and skateboarding.

During our time there we meet with various people from all over the world and share a little this vision. We also connected well with local surfers and a skate shop owner. (There are only a couple in the country.) And discuss skateboarding and where it is at in Sri Lanka.

Skateboarding is still new there but I believe it won’t be long before it takes off and as it has already in so many countries across the East. Having a way for skateboards and surfboards in the country could change the whole dynamic of the shred culture and enable more and more kids to take pride in skateboarding and surfing by being able to get their own skate or surfboard. After meeting with people we did find a couple options for making skateboards but not yet with surfboards, still something we are trying to figure out.

There is a huge need for board sports ministry in Sri Lanka , the kids that we encountered all loved skateboarding as well as many little surfers who ripped! Surfing is also growing fast among women there, we connected with many women who surf and want to teach women and girls to surf. This is particularly hard in this culture due to a culture of male hierarchy and even within the surf community and the guys are still not open to female surf coaches.

Please pray for Sri Lanka, for the gospel to go out among the action sports culture and open doors to see this vision come to life. It’s exciting seeing the doors that God is opening and the work that ministries have been doing there for all these years.

Nathaniel M. skate unbound

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