All kind of freestyler and belivers meet once a year at the „freakstcok festival“ in Germany. Beside concerts, worship and meetings it’s common to visit a workshop. The Actionsport Team of SRS offert a „ready- set- go“ Training about how to start a actionsport ministry. To enable Christians in their network that they live gods purpose in actionsport, was the Team’s goal. 20 People from various background showed up. A paraglied pilot from Switzerland, climber from Frankfurt and snowboarders who are living in a ski resort. There were also a group of local skaters, who run a skate park as a chapter of „Jesus Freaks“. All oft hem are looking to start or imporove their ministry. The training highlighted the potential of actionsports, how to reach this cultur and some practical adviced collected from the world most established ministries. The session was filled with prayer and personal questions. After 1,5hrs the participants left with a storrybook auf running local ministries in Germany to encourage them on their way.

If you are interested in theis training, dont be hasitate to reach out to: info@liveunbound or visit or

Micha Stücher – SRSactionsports

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